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HMP Attorneys

We are a prestigious boutique law firm, with presence in the USA, Mainland China, and major Brazilian Cities, including Brasilia, Rio De Janeiro, and Sao Paulo. We offer a variety of legal services in International Law, including, but no limited to: extradition process, visa process, arbitration, contracts, tax, real estate, finance, banking, business consulting, corporate legal framework, environmental and ethics compliance, public tenders, government affairs, civil and criminal litigation, sports and entertainment contracts. It will be our pleasure to be at your service!


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International BUSINESS Law

Foreign Trade , Agreements & Contracts, Foreign Affairs, Arbitration & Mediation.


Institutional Liaison, Global Advocacy & Lobbying, Research and Strategic Planning.


Regulatory Compliance, Corporate Governance & Ethics, CRA and Auditing.

Criminal Law

Money Laundering, Cartel, Drug Traffic , Extradition, White-Collar Crimes.


Susteinability, Environmental Impact Studies and Licenses.

Real Estate Law

Public registry, dispossession , Demarcation of Area, lease agreements, purchase and sale, Incorporation. 

Business Law

Corporate Law, Compliance, M & A, Public Tenders, Bankruptcy.

Sports Law  

Contracts, Sports Marketing , Sports Courts (CBF and FIFA).

Electoral Law 

Advertising , party certification, eligibility and right of reply.

Higher Courts 

Specialized in the Superior Electoral Court / TSE , Superior Court of Justice / STJ, and Supreme Court / STF.

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Alan T. Hawkins

Alan T. Hawkins is licensed to practice law in the state of Florida. He represents investment funds and growth companies in transactional, corporate finance, capital markets, and general corporate matters.. His experience includes work with emerging growth companies in the traditional and clean energy, technology, health, environmental and manufacturing sectors.

Languages: English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Hmp Attorneys Daniel Mazjoub..


Daniel Mourad Majzoub, bachelor's degree from the Law School of the University of Sao Paulo  (USP- Largo São Francisco) with major in Tax and Corporate Law, masters from the Pontifical University of Sao Paulo (PUC-SP) in International Economic Affairs Law. Corporate Attorney with expertise in Business Law, M&A, White Collar Crimes, Extradition, Regulatory Compliance and Government Affairs, Foreign Trade, with consolidated practice in higher courts, mainly in the Brazilian Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Superior Court of Justice (STJ), and Supreme Court (STF).

International Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional, member of the Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics (SCCE), and member of the International Compliace Association (ICA)

Languages: Arabic, Spanish, English, Mandarin, and Portuguese

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Attorney, masters in International Law and Phd in Economic Law at the Pontific University of Sao Paulo.  Expert in Commerce, Consumer, Corporate, Public and Sports Law.  Consultant in Contracts and Government Affairs.

Auditor at the Sao Paulo Soccer Federation Court of Law.  President Director of the Sao Paulo Association of Sport's Press.

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English